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Amnesty Print advert

An interesting use of print advertising.


Amnesty International posters

I was provided a link to the Guardian website by a fellow uni student (Tom Longmate), which was featuring a series of Amnesty International posters from across the globe. Amnesty has produced powerful posters over the past 50 years. Here are some of the best*

© Amnesty International

I’m a little torn. As examples of poster art and design, with the exception of one or two, they are beautiful. But,  . . . .  from a branding perspective, despite their aesthetic quality, there is a lot of visual anarchy going on.

There is also something very individual about them. But maybe that is a point worth noting. Maybe they were a very different organisation at the time, as opposed to what Amnesty International are in today’s media/internet driven world. There also a clear nod to Picasso and the cubist movement in the earlier posters, and as times and themes change it is also clear to visual styles of the periods in which they were generated in play.

I am applying a very commercial lens to these examples, and because of that my concern is whether they are ‘on-brand’. I not arguing against well executed pieces of design. My professional (and personal) instinct is that the focus on the message they are trying to convey could potentially be lost in the ‘art’ of the poster. The style/design of the poster is detracting the reader/receiver from the message.

But, that aside, I can only state again, how beautiful they are.

*Guardian, April 2011