Campaign Focus_Amnesty International #1

by raymanookian

The object of this experiment was to observe the focus of attention for Amnsety International during 2000-2010. I am interested in seeing how the campaigns have been shaped over that time period and what has been their most prevalent of issues.

A good test for any organisation is to be able to observe a consistent and focussed point of direction. It enables the outside world to understand who they are and what it is they stand for. It is also just as important with its own audiences, and by that I mean its internal audience (employees), its supporters and stakeholders, as well as, the very individuals it is supporting or campaigning for.

There is some refinement required for this piece, as well as some more experiments using other formats and methods, but as tool for visualising the focus I think this might have some potential. I need to find a way of signposting the years more clearly. In these examples I have used the size of the type as a means to show emphasis what issues Amnesty has focussed in a particular year. Of the two on show, I think the artwork which I’ve applied an underscore aids in the communication of the emphasis, but, I dont think it is enough. Maybe having an actual time line may help. I was thinking of having an equal line of space for each year, but the problem is, because of the limitation of the material I have, it can look very sparse at times.

As well as working on this particular piece, I am going to produce another similar graphic which will focus on the headlines of the posters. The aim of this piece will be to survey the tone of voice of Amnesty to and what that is and what, if anything, has changed of the given time period of assessment.