Impetus Trust meeting

by raymanookian

This morning I met with Julia Grant at Impetus. The purpose of the meeting was not only to meet face-to-face and introduce myself. But also, to provide Julia some background of who I am and what I do.

We then began to discuss my potential project and what it is I may be able to provide Impetus. Julia seems very keen and has identified a couple of areas in which will be beneficial to both Impetus and myself.

I talked through my two potential routes and Julia thinks there may be scope for me to interlink them. She mentioned a couple of areas that they are struggling with at the moment, the two in particular were; licensing and franchises. Two areas in which I don’t have much knowledge so I have some work to do here.

We both agreed that the next steps should be to introduce myself to the rest of her team, perhaps with John, and to give them a better overview of what it is I am trying to achieve in the form of a presentation. My job prior to this is to work up some slides which introduce branding and show some of the material I produced in Unit 2 with regards to the visual language of this sector. I’m also going to look at some famous, and infamous, strategies and campaigns of the past.

Overall, the meeting was very positive, and from a personal perspective I finally, this project might have some direction. Regardless of which route(s) we take: this is definitely the start of it.

Below is a summary of the potential routes I may take during the coming months.