Impetus Trust

by raymanookian

John Bateson (JB) has mention my name to a lady by the name of Julia Grant. Julia, from what I gathered works for a trust called Impetus. They specialise in providing funds and training for charities and other voluntary organisations and Julia could be a potential source of work and information regarding my project. I have set up a meeting to discuss this further with Julia on the 20 April 2011 at her offices.

But before doing that I clearly need to do some research so have been reading my way through their website ( The following notes have been taken from the Impetus Trust website.


Impetus Trust (IT) works to break the cycle of poverty by investing in ambitious charities and social enterprises that fight economic disadvantage. We use our highly effective venture philanthropy model to accelerate the growth of carefully selected charities and social enterprises so they can help many more people living in poverty.

So what is Venture Philanthropy?
Venture Philanthropy (VP) is an active approach to philanthropy, which involves giving skills as well as money. It uses the principles of venture capital, with the investee organisation receiving management support, specialising expertise and financial resources. The aim is for the social, rather than financial reward.

IT is the pioneer of VP in the UK.

IT was founded in 2002 and was the first VP organisation in the UK. VP, which originated in the US, is growing in popularity around the world. Its effectiveness has been proven by the tremendous growth of charities and social enterprises that have received the report from VP funds.

IT accelerates growth of innovative charities and social enterprises, which have proven models alleviation. The aim is for these organisations is to help people gain an education, skills and jobs. The model has led to IT organisations increasing the number of people they help by a staggering average of 40% a year.

The Impetus approach
The VP package consists of funding, hands-on management support and in-depth specialist expertise. This combination helps turbo charge the number of incentives charities can help.

Investing in the whole organisation rather than isolated projects, with the focus on long-term impact of the organisation.

The cycle of poverty has expired for too long and it is clear that business as usual is not good enough. At IT they believe that if they are to make real headway in breaking the cycle of poverty they need to be innovative and support effective, innovative charities and social enterprises.

So then . . . .
I think what intrigues me the most hear is the language of this website. It is REALLY ambitious and there is a strong possibility that branding, both in terms of design and tactics, will not be regarded as a dirty or foreign word. The next steps are to work out the potential routes that this may take me. But first things first, I need to meet this woman, buy her a coffee and see what she has to say.