elective b: word and image (final)

by raymanookian

After reviewing what I had produced for my Unit 2: Design and Rhetoric material, I deceided that I needed a change in in terms of output for this piece. I was already producing a series of seven books for that particular unit and producing yet another series just seemed like overkill!

So, after consulting with Russ, I decided that I want to either produce a series of posters for one of the NGOs or a series based on one poster from each organisation. I had already developed the Amnesty material to a level I was happy with, and bearing in mind this was an 11th hour change, I decided to adapt what I had already had. Perhaps, in retrospect I should have looked at these as a series of posters giving that there is cross over with what I was analysing in Unit 2.3.

I am really happy with the outcome, I have noticed that Pentagram have recently produced a series for Amnesty which also features the Universal Declaration of Human rights as a topic. Thankfully, there is not comparison so no calls of plagiarism. Besides: it was my idea first!!!!! And given what I now know about Amnesty’s look, feel and tone of their material, I feel that this work is reflective of their ‘brand’ and ethos. (If I do say so myself).

Also, REALLY please it is done and dusted! 🙂