unit 2.3: final work – input

by raymanookian

Below are some samples pages of my Design and Rhetoric material.

Using the model from Unit 1, (Input, Context and Output), as a basis to develop ideas regarding this Unit. The subject matter/area for this unit is the printed marketing collateral for both International and National (UK) Non Government Organisations (NGOs).

I wanted to analyse the methods and styles used by these organisations and to do so I have been experimenting with methods to critical reflect the visual and literal language used.

Initially the problem was sourcing this material from bona fide bodies. I quickly established that much of the work produced by some of these organisations was done pro bono and not necessarily at the behest of the organisations. This isn’t to say that it wasn’t used, but without any confirmation by these organisations that they had approved such material I had to search for more reliable sources.  The material below has been sourced by two online organisations:

  • adsoftheworld.com
  • coloribus.com