unit 2.3: input

by raymanookian

I finally compiled my input piece. Considering the amount of time I have been sourcing these elements and finding a grid pattern I am happy with. It doesn’t look like a lot of work. Speaking of the grid, it’s is a very simple block system. I choose this because I wanted the individual pieces to work alone and in harmony with the elements surrounding it. It is also an easy way to recognise campaigns amoung the groupings. I have placed them in alphabetical order, that way ensuring the system is democratic.

The next item on the agenda is to begin the contextual work. For this I think I am going to build myself a spreadsheet listing the imagery and the categories, then using a roman numeral type of system indidually apply attributes to them.

The output was reviewed by Russ, and thankfully, he was happy. If anything, he did mention that it has perhaps gone a bit too far. I am happy with that, I have a method. Just need to finish it now. No panic . . . . print deadline is only next Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!