elective b: second round ideas (continued)

by raymanookian

Below are some further examples for this elective.

I read a very interesting book in the library called No-Copy Advertising by Lazar Dzamic. In it were a series of examples of the most famous (or infamous) and successful advertising campaigns, as well as interviews with people at the top end of the food chain in the advertising industry. I need to write up the book notes fully, but a couple of things did resonate with the work I am doing for this piece. They are as follows:

  • As advertising crosses borders, it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with words and that pictures are a universal language
  • Non copy advertising is a craft that places a premium on simplicity, potency and purity of idea
  • No copy ads out to prove that one picture is indeed worth a thousand words

With that in mind it seems a little ironic to introduce sub headings to the artwork to compliment the main headings. It is my opinion that without them, the image and heading alone seem ambiguous and are open to too much interpretation, as well as misinterpretation. The sub headings have been taken from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights website (http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml) and provide a great deal of weight and integrity to the piece.

My only concern is that I may have taken these too far, and that they maybe better suited as part of my output piece for Unit 2.3.