elective b: word and image

by raymanookian

The work attached is closely related to the work I have ben doing with Unit 2.3. I’m really interested in the concept of importing meaning and playing with the recipients position. I am trying to have the audience impart their own meaning to the images.

The concept centres around the seven deadly sins. This came from my initial research looking at the seven stories, but this became far too much of a project to try to narrate these stories whilst at the same time keeping with the confines of the brief and he time given to produce it. Attached are four out the seven I have chosen to work with. I also like the idea of the ‘sins’ are this has a double meaning in its own right (Sinners/Sinned). Astute readers will notice something of the colour scheme I have chosen.

I have tried to create some tension between the word and image as well as keep the imagery of subject manner within the imagery close to the perceptions of the individual organisations.