unit 2.3: potential outcome

by raymanookian

I have been working on ways to deliver an outcome to the visual experiments I am undertaking to support my 2.4 and 3.0 work.

I have produced a series of books in which I have separated individual elements from material sourced from a selected group of global NGO’s who’s specialities range across its vast spectrum. They are:

  • Amnesty International (Human Rights)
  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Medical support and aid)
  • Oxfam and Unicef (Poverty)
  • Greenpeace and WWF (Environmental)

This is the introduction to a series of experiments undertaken during unit 2.3. A major issue, which has been previously highlighted, is obtaining a good source of material. I am currently reading various authors who work within this field. Alongside this I have also begun reading on the subject of semiology to help me with my progression to the next stages of my experimentation. By understanding the science (if there is any) of semiology – sign, signifier, signified – my aim is to commence work on the catergorising of this and similar material.

The various testing and work produced from these exercises will be posted in due course.

Oxfam_visual summary