elective a: second round

by raymanookian

After careful review of my own, tutor and peer group feedback I made the following analysis:


The two ‘disc’ and ‘chopper’ concepts are the three ideas I am going to further develop. The focus on this round will be to refine the tagging system so that they are less dominate, but at the same time, more intuitive.


Black is my preferred colour as it works well with the primary colour system chosen. The contrast these colours provide are distinctive enough for straightforward comparisons to be made.


Next steps:

Disc#1 & #2

I removed the inner white circles that were initially part of the labelling system. I have changed the data tags and incorporated these onto a simpler legend located at the base of the artwork. I also reduced in size and changed the layout of the colour coding information and brought this into the new revised style.

Chopper #1

The main difference here is the format has been changed from landscape to portrait, I also reduced the data information to a number system and made the graphic the centre of attention. The previous legend has been removed and have brought this into line with the ‘Disc’ concept. Although I had initial concerns about this idea, the changes made have enhanced the readability, as well as, the functionality.