major project proposal: second draft

by raymanookian


I’m interested to learn how Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) communicate in todays environment. What is the visual landscape of this grouping and how effective are they at communicating their values and philosophy? With the homogenous nature of mainstream British politics, and a distinct lack of difference between political parties in terms of policy and mandates, my hunch is that the influence as well as the profile of NGO’s is likely to increase. With this in mind it is imperative that these organizations have a clear and visible identity.


Research question

How effective are NGO’s in promoting their message?


Context and areas for research

Branding and Identity

Advertising techniques


Social and political graphics


Action plan

1. Build a visual data bank of collateral by undertaking;

  • Survey of what is available in terms of marketing collateral
  • Establish a method of coding and categorization to map the material effectively
  • Generate a qualitative and quantitive assessment of material

2. Build a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject by undertaking;

  • Interview members of these organizations to gain a better understanding of their principles and ideology
  • Interview brand strategists to build an understanding of what does and doesn’t deliver a successful brand identity/strategy
  • Generate a discourse based on findings



The likely out outcome will be screen based. What will be interesting to see is whether this model, once completed, could then be applied to a completely different genre. Whether the methodology is flexible enough to be adapted to work with any given subject, for example other industries/subject groups.



Non Government Organizations

Graphic designers

Branding specialists

Visual researchers