elective a: initial artwork

by raymanookian

Today my time was spent on applying some data to the tests I ran yesterday. My initial reaction is that they are working quite well as concepts. The only example, which isn’t working particularly well, is the square grid. My gut instinct tells me that this doesn’t work and hence doesn’t warrant any further development. The problem is there is no real ‘system’ to them.

With regards to the circular examples, I think the ‘discs’ concept works well. The two elements that do need attention are the use of colour and how to apply the data tags. It will be interesting to see whether the group thinks they work at all but so far I am happy with the progress made. The segmented versions, does present the data in a way in which the information is decipherable.

The ‘discs’ concept is primarily aimed at the general public or transport users and would be displayed around stations as a point of interest for commuters to read at leisure. With that said the focus of the artwork is leaning towards the side of being visual appealing and not too technical. As I mentioned earlier, some more work needs to be carried out to get the right balance of colour and clarity of the tagged information. My own thoughts are that the reader/viewer may have to look at them for a bit longer than I would like.

The ‘segmented’ concept is aimed at those with a much more technical persuasion. It’s not that it is hard to read, but the information is presented as such where (I hope) thorough analysis can be made.

The same colour schemes has been used throughout, and although colour is going to be an important factor, I really want to get some feedback on these before working anymore on them.