elective a: initial tests

by raymanookian

Some initial tests using form, colour and transparency.

I haven’t at this stage added any of the tags of reference points. What I am trying to gauge is what work well in terms of interpretation. I figure that if the colour and objects are easily understandable without the need to tag or reference, then no matter what I apply in terms of context it should work. I think tomorrow I will try out some more experiments with form and then I think I will start to test this with the mock data I have complied to see what works and what doesn’t.

Analyzing what I have done thus far, its clear that some are not very clear, there are a couple that are quite obvious – and by that I’m mean there uninteresting to look at. Contrasts between colours also need some attention, far too many power colour clashes. Some experiments in tone, which I have from Unit 1 will be implemented and then some play around a theme.

I’m hoping but this time tomorrow to have enough to start focussing in on what I want to present at the crit on the 24 Nov.