3 november 2010

by raymanookian

For my Unit 2.3 work I have began looking at testing some methods in which to break down the visual elements used in the poster campaigns of Greenpeace. I will be applying this method to a whole range of other similar organizations to get an understanding across the spectrum, but for now I have chosen Greenpeace as a test case.

The aim is to build a database to analyze the visual information generated by the deconstruction process. What I interested in seeing is whether any patterns exist for each of the NGO’s and what, if any, are the characteristics on display.

The feedback I have had from today’s seminar was helpful. So far I have been just testing using colour and composition, and the results are producing some basic information. I have been trying to remain neutral in terms of opinion etc on this material. But, from some of the comments relating to the content of the adverts themselves, its clear that once this exercise is finished I need to look at the breakdown criteria from a much more engaged perspective. (If that’s the right term to use). Anyway, rather than rattle on I thought I would some of it up, and will update as and when I finished this particular exercise.

Let me know what you guys think.