major project proposal: initial research question

by raymanookian

Research Question

Is there a formula to create a campaign (real or virtual) for a UK based NGO?

Aim and objective

The objective will be to work on an end-to-end solution for a ‘major’ campaign, primarily aimed at a UK market. The purpose will be to look at how an NGO’s plans and operates at present and how they plan to work in the future. This is a purposeful project that is self critical of my work as both graphic and branding designer. The final outcome could be a project that provides a ‘tool-kit’ or brand pack for an NGO, or it could be a complete a tailored proposal for a genuine campaign.


Based on the visual and contextual study carried out in Unit 2.3, I will be looking at current application, styles, and techniques of these organizations marketing material and analyzing what works best (as well as what doesn’t), and which approaches could be best applied and why.

I’m interested to see whether traditional forms of advertising/campaigning are relevant and if applied would they work for these types of organizations versus the more ad-hoc/responsive marketing style tactic.